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08/12/22 - Final tutorial before submission of 3.1 portfolio. Along with collating and curating my portfolio, I produced a final conceptual perspective image of one of the spaces to help visualise the atmospheric qualities of the space.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:41
01/12/22 - Tasklet 05 – One-to-Two-Hundred. After multiple iterations of plans and sections, I produced a final set of GA’s. These are as developed as possible so far, however will be evaluated and improved upon in later Tasklets.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:40
24/11/22 - Development of sketch plans coming off the back of massing models and accommodation schedule created previously. Diagramming spatial qualities onto the plans help manipulate forms in order to achieve the desired outcome for each of the spaces.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:38
17/11/22 - Tasklet 04 – In Brief. Continuing on from massing models, an understanding for what spaces required by the scheme was realised, and an accommodation schedule along with atmospheric diagrams were made, allowing to develop a set of sketch plans next.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:37
10/11/22 - Tasklet 03 – Contextualism. Sketch massing models taking design stimuli from Editing the View and contextualising them through simple massing forms. Feedback provided on these at cross atelier review.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:36
03/11/22 - Tasklet 02 – Editing the View. Continuing on from V2 – Serial Vision, taking the sketches from this task and editing over with basic massing forms on the site, influenced by Rossi.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:34
27/10/22 - Tasklet 01 – Site in Context. Split into groups and tasked with producing 1:500 site model. Constructed using timber, MDF boards and stained after laser cutting details. Listed buildings are highlighted in a darker stain.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:33
20/10/22 - Final Miller Arcade presentation accompanied by complete model, presentations from other V1 groups as well. Main areas investigated with Miller Arcade such as hodology will be carried through into my Studio 3.1 project.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:32
14/10/22 - First group presentation on Miller Arcade case study, looking into hodology, thresholds, Industrial Revolution, and commerce. Experimenting with changing arrangements of the Arcade to increase its potential success.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:29
06/10/22 - Introduction to CiA and all its members. Assigned groups for V1 Urban Artefacts assignment and went to visit Miller Arcade, documenting experience on the site and specifically looking at the concept of thresholds.
Posted 6 Jan 2023 17:27