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Maria Catrinel B

2022/23 Group (2022/23)

17/11/2022 New approach to the scheme after the Cross Atelier Review. Looking more into heritage, medieval traces, and what the building looked like before the fire, a new potential scheme emerges that responds more accurately to its context, while still keeping the initial three urban scales in mind (the park, the garden, and the alley).
Posted 20 Nov 2022 17:10
27/10/2022 Workshop on creating a residential sketch scheme in less than a day. The brainstorm started with identifying the users and attempting to create a functioning programmatic arrangement taking into consideration the context, the heritage of the Burnt down theatre, and the needs of the potential users. There is also a very rough outline of some of the materials and precedents used to inform the sketch scheme.
Posted 20 Nov 2022 17:07
3/11/2022 Cross Atelier Review. Presenting an initial concept of the residential scheme conducted on the site of the Burnt Down Theatre in Preston with a focus on three scales of open spaces: park, garden, and alley. The scheme proposes mixed typologies of various sized houses and apartments that could be inhabited by young people in the transition from student to work life. The possibility of expanding the site to the South was explored in one of the options, but was voted against during the Review.
Posted 20 Nov 2022 17:03
20/10/2022 V1 Urban Artefacts Workshop Review. Pictured is a map of Preston's road network in relation to the Bus Station building overlaid on a laser-cut site model, part of the group work conducted for the workshop. The group identified some of the opportunities and constraints of the Preston Bus Station and learned more about Preston's infrastructure in the process. What followed was the presentation of those findings to the other year groups.
Posted 20 Nov 2022 16:59
14/10/22 V2 Serial Vision Workshop. Using Urban Sketching as a tool to explore the site in Preston, Lancashire. Pictured is the journey through a pedestrian path next to the site that connects the high street to the site and all the way down the slope of the site to the other side.
Posted 20 Nov 2022 16:56