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06/10/22 - Presentation of mapping exercises as a starting point for site analysis of Preston and introduction to all CiA members. My focus was on the Preston Guild, a significant part of Preston's culture and history.
Posted 7 Nov 2022 17:24
14/10/22 - Initial presentation of our Miller Arcade case study which included topics such as the industrial revolution, thresholds, social fragmentation alongside small maquette models which would direct our idea for our final model. Feedback was provided by the tutors and the gaps were to be filled the following week.
Posted 7 Nov 2022 17:21
20/10/2022 - V1 Review. Short presentations from all of the group on their building case studies. We presented our final model of Miller Arcade. Topics such as social fragmentation, identity and thresholds came up in this case studies and will be referenced through my thesis project.
Posted 7 Nov 2022 17:17
03/11/2022 Camillo Sitte: Modern City Planning. This reading layed out key principles when it comes to city planning and in particular, squares and plazas, using historic examples as precedents. I applied these principles to the Flag Marker in Preston. This analysis style will become a feature of my thesis project.
Posted 7 Nov 2022 15:46
27/10/2022: First individual tutorial with Alberto discussing my thesis project. The image above summarises the detailed mapping I am undertaking to understand the impacts of the Industrial Revolution, both good and bad, on Preston.
Posted 7 Nov 2022 15:44